Samuel Meyer-Reed

Welcome to my site!
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Be notified by text message the instant a University of Waterloo course you're interested in has an open spot.

Armadillo is a program written in Python, and using Twilio, that allows a University of Waterloo student to "watch" courses that are full, and be notified via text message as soon as a spot opens up.


I'm currently working on a space themed RTS game that doubles as an interesting simulation to test various AI strategies.

Survive(placeholder name) is written primarily in Go, and includes a graphics engine built on top of SDL2 that I'm developing alongside the game.

The project started initially as an excercise in writing concurrent programs in Go, and evolved into a graphical multiplayer game.

Deep Reinforcement Learner

A project written in Python that uses deep learning to accomplish various tasks. This project makes use of OpenAI Gym, TensorFlow, and Keras.


A fun Discord bot that I'm always adding to. It's meant mostly to be funny, but does have some helpful commands.

Sambot is built in Python and uses

OpenGL Graphics Engine

A large, in progress, graphics engine written in C++ and using OpenGL. Mainly for use with other game related projects and learning GLSL.


The final project for a concurrent and parrallel programming course that simulates a complicated soda concession service using multiple concurrent programming paradigms.

This project is written in μC++, a "concurrent dialect" of C++.


A Roguelike terminal base game written in C++ and inspired by NetHack.